Contender Logo Decals

Decals are more then accents on the your boat; they are statements to let others know you are a Contender! After time in the blazing hot Florida sun those decals can start to fade, and in extreme cases peel off. Don’t worry, we can get direct Contender factory replacements in the original colors, or in the colors of your choice.

Main Decals on Contender

Hull: These large Contender Text decals are found on either side of the hull.

Contender Decals

Fish & Line: These accent color decals give your Contender text an extra custom touch!
Contender Fish & Line

United States of America Flag: Show off your patriotic pride!

USA Flag Decal

Contender Automotive Decal: Often used to show off your Contender pride on your truck or car. Measures 13? long (call for color availability).

Email Us Today to Request Your Contender Decals

When ordering replacement decals, please be specific with the colors. For example, instead of requesting a “blue” decal, specify Royal Blue, or Medium Blue. Instead of asking for green, specify Sea Foam Green or Hunter Green.

If you aren’t sure of the exact name of your color, we can usually get that by checking your Contender’s Hull ID.